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Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center October 22-25

Workshops & Seminars

Sunday, Oct. 22
12:00pm to 1:00pm
Carving Your Niche by Growing Your Bus and Motorcoach Business
Osceola A

As bus and motorcoach work occupies an ever-increasing segment of our industry, this session provides a blueprint to offer operators of all sizes some helpful hints to keep that metal moving. You’ll learn how to leverage your company’s existing management and customer service skills into getting work with DMCs (more listed) and other niche markets. Our presenters will offer suggestions for untapped and untraditional avenues that can earn you money.

Presented by: Eric Devlin, President of Premier Transportation and Hoss Oskouie, CFO/VP of Atlantic Limousine & Transportation
Moderated by: Jason Sharenow, COO of Broadway Elite

1:15pm to 2:15pm
The Impact of Industry Consolidation on Exit Strategy Planning
(Small Operator Track)
Osceola A

Planning an exit strategy for your company doesn’t suggest you’re conceding—it means you’re a smart businessperson. As the economic climate has changed in the past two years, things have become challenging for many small operators. This session will offer the pros and cons of various exit strategies, as well as proposals for whether you’re looking to get out at the right time for the right reasons. You’ll learn that having a long-term plan for the future, whether you’re considering a buy-out or even expansion, is more than practical; it’s essential.

Presented by: Andi Gray, Founder of Strategy Leaders and Becky Laramee, President of All Points Limousine
Moderated by: Jason Sharenow, COO of Broadway Elite

1:15pm to 2:15pm
Finding and Keeping High-Caliber Chauffeurs and Office Staff
Osceola B

Hands down, the biggest challenge facing operators is hiring reliable and talented staff. In this seminar, you’ll learn the best places to find chauffeurs and back office staff along with tips on onboarding new talent and keeping your best employees from jumping ship. We’ll also provide you with financial and professional thresholds that will help you determine when it’s time to add additional staff as your business grows.

Presented by: John Critchett, Founder/President of Palm Beach Tours & Transportation and Tony Simon, COO of Reston Limousine

2:30pm to 4:00pm
Leveraging Employee-Focused Leadership With Personality Testing
Osceola A

More than just a psychological evaluation, personality tests like the Myers-Briggs are being recognized in the business world as valuable tools that allow managers to more effectively understand and lead their staff. Not only that, teaching your staff to be keenly read people and be aware of different personality traits can help them serve clients better both on the phone and in person. Our team will provide an overview of the different personality tests available to business and show you how you can benefit from their adoption.

Presented by: Stephanie Carnes, Client Solutions Provider of The LMC Group and Sami Elotmani, VP of Operations and Global Partnerships of Destination MCO
Moderated by: Kristen Carroll, Founder/CEO of the LMC Group

Monday, Oct. 23
9:15am to 10:15am
Competing in a Global Economy and on an International Stage
Osceola A

This session is led by international operators but the issues apply to all operators regardless of country who are looking to better serve customers globally. Topics discussed will include how technology has changed customer expectations (in terms of speed and transparency); duty of care and insurance issues, specifically how your policy applies in a global market with international affiliates; marketing your services abroad to local clients and managing those large events; and the potential pitfalls to avoid and ways to exceed their expectations.

Presented by: Guillaume Connan, Managing Director of Chabe (France), Kris Korkian, President of Penguin Cars & Limousines (Australia), Aditya Loomba, Managing Director of Eco Limos India (Asia), and Farooq Saleem CEO of Sovereign Executive Cars (London)
Moderated by: Jason Sharenow, COO of Broadway Elite

9:15am to 10:15am
Effectively Handling Diversity in the Workplace
Osceola B

The 24-7/365 nature of the luxury ground transportation industry fosters an atmosphere that is often more stressful than the average workplace, sometimes making it easy to lose track of your company culture. However, your responsibility as an employer includes ensuring that diversity is valued in the workplace and you’re following all legally mandated HR guidelines. As times and mores change, it’s essential that you become proactive in your approach to workplace attitudes. This session delivers an up-to-date refresher on HR policies regarding minorities, religion, and the LGBT community.

Presented by: Kristen Carroll, Founder/CEO of the LMC Group

12:15pm to 1:15pm
Managing Online Reviews and Dealing With Potential PR Challenges
Osceola A

As the social media landscape continues to grow by leaps and bounds each year—with new sites and apps entering the field regularly—maintaining your online presence has become increasingly challenging. And with social media becoming an ever-more valuable, if not essential, tool for successful marketing, it’s important that operators learn how to craft their online presence into success. Our presenters will provide an overview of the social media space, with a heavy emphasis on managing your internet reviews from clients, which can be a PR nightmare.

Presented by: Bill Faeth, Founder of Inbound Marketing Agents and Limo University and Faith Glasgow, Co-Founder/VP of Peak Limousine

Tuesday, Oct. 24
8:30am to 9:45am
Client Retention and Proactive Service Recovery in a Buyer’s Market
Osceola A

Largely due to the rise of TNCs in the ground transportation market, it’s become clear that we are in the midst of a buyer’s market. As a result, if your company isn’t doing everything possible to accommodate and cater to your client base then they’re likely to find another service. This session is designed to help your company be as a proactive as possible when it comes to retaining your client base. You’ll learn the benefits of keeping ahead of the curve and having policies in place to appease clients when a customer service issue arises.

Presented by: Colin Devine, CEO of Devine's Worldwide Chauffeur Services and Mike Zappone, President of All Transportation Network
Moderated by: Jason Sharenow, COO of Broadway Elite

4:00pm to 4:45pm
Are You Getting the Best Possible Insurance Rates?
Show Floor

Join us for a timely and useful workshop that will help operators keep their costs down by getting the best possible insurance rates. We’ll give you examples of what insurance companies look for when they’re determining your rates. Topics include knowing and understanding loss runs, managing claims, hiring practices, ongoing training, and the quality of your chauffeurs on staff. While insurance regulations certainly differ from state to state, you’re bound to get a wealth of information from this session.

Presented by: Bob Crescenzo, VP for Safety & Loss Control of Lancer Insurance and Steve Friedberg, President of Research Underwriters

Wednesday, Oct. 25
8:30am to 9:30am
Everybody Sells: Seizing Opportunities To Build Your Revenue
(Small Operator Track)
Osceola A

They say that getting sales is like grabbing at low-hanging fruit. Well, that fruit is ripe and ready for picking. Geared with the small operator in mind, this informative workshop will show you how to maximize your profits and growth by snaring business that is within your reach. Join us to get an education on how to turn leads into money and get the most of the business available in your market. We’ll also give you a run down on services and resources that are available to a business on the move, and prepare you for hiring or increasing staff.

Presented by: Kim J. Garner, Co-Owner of BEST Transportation and Kimberly Vissak, Co-Owner of Build a Team Consultants

9:45am to 10:45am
Protecting Yourself and Your Business From Network and Cyber Threats
Osceola A

A cyberattack on your computer infrastructure can be as devastating to your company as a fire or flood. Not only does a data breach affect you financially, it also puts your reputation at risk, as your clients’ private information is exposed. Are you prepared? Join us for an informative session that provides real-life examples of the cyber threats and risks faced by our industry as well as the policies you should have in place to protect yourself.

Presented by: Caryn Reiker, Senior Sales Executive of Maxis360 and Jorge Sanchez, President of Hermes Worldwide
Moderated by: Jason Sharenow, COO of Broadway Elite

12:00pm - 12:45pm
Rules of the Road: Staying on Top of Bus and Motorcoach Regulations
Show Floor

Eliminate the anxiety of the stress out of DOT compliance with this invaluable and informative session conveniently held on our show floor. Through a mock DOT audit administered by our experienced presenters, attendees will get a clear understanding of DOT and DOL components facing the bus and motorcoach industry, learn the importance of stringent record keeping and hours of service logs, and evaluate the advantages of ELDs. Regulations and guidelines and relating to substance abuse testing will also be discussed, giving you everything you need to follow the rules of the road.

Presented by: Joe Guinn, Owner of Limousine & Bus Compliance
Moderated by: Jason Sharenow, COO of Broadway Elite

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